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Marine Battery Services by Riverside Marine Services in Washougal WA - serving Vancouver WA and Portland OR

If you are in need of a marine battery for your yacht, boat, jet-ski, or personal watercraft, come into Riverside Marine Services! We carry two of the area’s most highly recognized battery brands: Interstate Batteries and Optima GelCell Batteries.

Riverside Marine Services is committed to only using the highest quality in parts for all of our boat maintenance and repair services, which is why we choose to offer Interstate and Optima boat batteries.

Types of Marine Batteries

Riverside Marine Services makes sure that all of our customers are covered, so we carry the following types of marine batteries:

  • Marine Starting Battery: This type provides power until the boat starts, and then the alternator takes over.
    • Cannot be drained or discharged/recharged multiple times.
  • Deep Cycle Battery: This type provides steady current over a long period of time. Is not designed to start boats.
    • Can withstand multiple recharges and discharges without damage to the battery.
  • Dual Purpose Marine Battery: This type combines the best of the above batteries.
    • This is a deep cycle battery that has been specially designed to also start your boat.

Highest Quality Marine Batteries

Riverside Marine Services offers Interstate Batteries and Optima GelCell batteries because of their exceptional, first-rate performance that is always consistently reliable. Interstate and Optima GelCell Batteries are known for their efficient product rotation. This means that when you purchase your boat battery, it is fresh–it hasn’t been sitting on a shelf forever! These battery brands are constantly rotated, and they are also local, so your purchase will be supporting businesses and families right here in our community. Even more impressive? Battery research shows that Interstate batteries can last as long as automotive batteries! No other brand of boat battery can say that.

Additionally, each new battery purchased comes with an outstanding warranty that is guaranteed to make you feel good about your marine battery purchase. Your boat deserves the best, which is why we highly recommend Interstate Batteries and Optima GelCell Batteries for all of your boat, yacht, jet-ski, and personal watercraft needs. We are confident that we can fulfill your marine battery needs, and we look forward to serving you!

Comprehensive Boat Batteries and Services

At Riverside Marine Services, we believe that your boat needs total care. We take care of everything, including:

Riverside Marine Services is your source for quality and dependable boat service. Contact Riverside Marine Services today or fill out our contact form and we’ll call you!

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